Not everyone is going to make it.

Apr 17

Application Form

Okay, so to make things run a little more smoothly, I made up this application form for you guys to fill out if you’re interested. I know its probably a lot longer than the usual forms, but this is really important for our rp to run smoothly. Make sure you’ve read the guidelines I’ve put up. Submit here and good luck!

Fields surrounded by asterisks are optional.

Tumblr URL:

RP’ers Nickname:

Fantroll info: (stick here either a link to a quick bio page, illustrations are helpful!)

God Tier Title:

**Why do you want to join this RP group/fansession:**

**Why do you think your fantroll should be one of those who will go God Tier:**

**IF YOU ARE A SPACE PLAYER, is your troll situated near a volcano which will serve as a forge? If not, explain how you plan to create the Genesis Frog:**